Minnesota Archaeology Updates

The Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA) recently added a couple of publications to their web site which are downloadable.  These include the 2010 Annual Report of the Office of the State Archaeologist which, along with a lot of bureaucratic information, also includes summaries of the projects that the OSA investigated.  There are also PDF versions of final reports from some of the Legacy Amendment funded projects including the Swift County archaeological survey, exploring the possibility of using LiDAR to survey for mounds and earthworks, and an examination of traditional cultural properties in the five county metro area.  The OSA also provides  a document summarizing the completed projects and the status of ongoing Legacy Amendment projects titled A Preliminary Summary of the Accomplishments of the Statewide Survey of Historical and Archaeological Sites.”  This summary report is a good place to start to determine if you would like to get more in depth information about any of the projects before downloading the individual project reports which are rather large files. 

The Spring 2011 issue of the Minnesota Archaeological Society (MAS) Newsletter is now available on line.  The MAS will hold its annual meeting and banquet on Friday, April 15 at 6:30 pm at Sorin Hall on the campus of Hamline University in St. Paul.  The speakers will be Anne Merriman and Chris Olson of Maritime Heritage Minnesota who will present their findings from “A Survey of the Mississippi River in Aitkin County and the Wreck of the Steamer Andy Gibson.”  For additional information or reservations check out the newsletter link above.

Remember to keep in mind that Minnesota Archaeology Week will be May 14th through the 22nd and to watch for event information in the weeks ahead.

Minnesota Archaeology Week 2011

Last week the Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA)announced that the dates for the 2011 Minnesota Archaeology Week (MAW) will be May 14th through the 22nd.  It was moved back a week to try and avoid the inclement weather that has occurred during recent MAWs, mainly cold and snow.  I’ve attached the formal announcement letter and the form to submit events to be added to the OSA calendar.    In an attempt to try and improve participation and event attendance the OSA is considering moving MAW to September in 2012.  The OSA would be interested in hearing your thoughts on making MAW a fall event.  You can email the OSA at mnosa@state.mn.us with your comments.