Upcoming Events

This coming Friday, July 24, 2015 is the “Day of Archaeology” event.  The Day of Archaeology is a social media event to help the public understand all that archaeologists do. “The Day of Archaeology project aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archaeologists from all over the world.  The project asks people working, studying or volunteering in the archaeological world to participate with us in a “Day of Archaeology” each year in the summer by recording their day and sharing it through text, images or video on this website.  The resulting Day of Archaeology project demonstrates the wide variety of work our profession undertakes day-to-day across the globe, and helps to raise public awareness of the relevance and importance of archaeology to the modern world. We want anyone with a personal, professional or voluntary interest in archaeology to get involved, and help highlight the reasons why archaeology is vital to protect the past and inform our futures.” Follow this link to see what the world’s archaeologists are up to or to participate by making your own entry.

Swede Hollow Archaeology. This summer, in August 2015, Swede Hollow Park, in the East St. Paul neighborhood, will be the site of an archaeological excavation and the public is invited to come out and participate!  Come ask questions, take a tour around the site, and watch a real excavation, or better yet, participate in one!  Stay tuned for important dates and details and for fun facts relating to Swede Hollow and its historic neighborhood as preparations for this summer’s work gets underway!  The project is organized by two graduate students from the University of Minnesota.  They have a Facebook page and a blog detailing the Swede Hollow Archaeology project check them both out and then visit the excavations or volunteer to help.

Minnesota Archaeology Week, September 12 – 20, 2015.  The Office of the State Archaeologist has announced the dates for this year’s Minnesota Archaeology Week and is looking for individuals or organizations who might consider sponsoring, organizing, hosting, or leading an event during the week.  Follow this link for additional information.

Upcoming Events

Hope you all survived the holidays, here are some events to add to your calendar for this year.

On February 13 and 14 the Council for Minnesota Archaeology will hold is biennial conference at the Atwood Memorial Center on the St. Cloud State University campus.  Plans to this point include a mixer on Friday evening at the Stearns History Museum from 5 to 8 pm with snacks and refreshments.  Artifact collections from the 19th Century Little Elk River Mission and Shoemaker sites and from the precontact Knife Lake sites will be on display.  There will also be a rock swap of lithic samples.   On both Friday (13) and Saturday (14) the paper and poster sessions will be held at the Atwood Memorial Center on campus.  A final schedule will soon follow.  If you have questions you can contact Mark Muniz at mpmuniz@stcloudstate.edu   When the final schedule is available it will be posted on this site.

The 2015 Lake Superior Basin Workshop (LSBW) will be held on Friday/Saturday March 20 and 21 at Grand Portage National Monument.  The LSBW has a long tradition of informal displays and discussions of archaeological interest.  The attached flier has more information and a map; to reserve tables for displays or other information, contact Bill Clayton at william_j_clayton@nps.gov or by phone to 218-475-0123.

And finally the Office of the State Archaeologist has announced the dates for Minnesota Archaeology Week, 2015 as September 12 – 20, 2015.

Minnesota Archaeology Week 2013

The Office of the State Archaeologist has announced Saturday, September 14th through Sunday September 22nd as the dates for Minnesota Archaeology Week 2013.  Be sure and add it to your calendars.  For those of you who wish to participate by organizing or hosting an event contact the Office of the State Archeologist at mn.osa@state.mn.us


I was told by my web guru that I was remiss in downloading some upgrades to programs and no one who subscribes to my blog was notified of the last couple of entries.  That should be corrected now.  So check out the previous couple of entries.   One is on the Legacy Project reports available on the Office of the State Archaeologist  website and the other on a program sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America-Minnesota Chapter this coming Thursday, Feb. 2, taking place at Macalster College. 

For those of you who do long range planning, this week the Office of the State sent out a notice saying that they are shifting Minnesota Archaeology Week to the fall season this year in order to encourage more participation and avoid the inclement weather that has been plaguing the springtime events the last couple of years.  Minnesota Archaeology Week will be held September 8th through the 16th, 2012.

Red Wing Archaeology

Dr. Ron Schirmer gave a lecture at the Anderson Center in Red Wing last Tuesday night.  The lecture was a Minnesota Archeology Week event.  Schirmer gave a summary of what had been accomplished bylast year’s (2010) Minnesota State University-Mankato Field School at the Red Wing Locality and the research goals for this year’s field school.  All of the archaeology that has taken place around Red Wing has focused on the large habitation and mound groups in the area.  Work at sites like Silvernale, Bryan, Energy Park, and Adams have looked at the Mississippian Period occupants of these sites, but the study of these people has raised questions about where they came from and what happened to them?  The Red Wing Locality was intensely occupied by Mississippian peoples for a relatively short time.  Are these Mississippian inhabitants local Woodland people who adopted some of the Mississippian traits of their neighbors to the southeast?   And given their relatively short occupation, probably only a couple of generations, where did they go? Continue reading “Red Wing Archaeology”

2011 Elden Johnson Distinguished Lecture

Tonight, (Wednesday, May 11) Dr. Scott Anfinson, State Archaeologist, will present the 2011 Elden Johnson Distinguished Lecture entitled “What Elden Didn’t Know:  Recent Advances in Minnesota Archaeology”.  Elden Johnson, an archaeologist, a professor at the University of Minnesota and a former State Archaeologist was one of the instigators of Minnesota Archaeology Week and a founder of the Council for Minnesota Archaeology, which organizes this event each year.  Anfinson was one of Elden’s students.  Dr. Anfinson will speak about the new developments in Minnesota archaeology since Elden’s tenure as an educator and State Archaeologist.  The talk will examine Elden’s contributions from his 40 years of Minnesota archaeology and the technological advancement and archaeological discoveries of the last 20 years that may have changed his perspectives and research interests.   Come and see this well illustrated and interesting lecture. 

There will be a public reception prior to the event beginning at 6:30 pm at Room 1-147 in the Carlson School of Management Building at the University of Minnesota West Bank Campus with the Lecture to follow.  This link will take you to a flyer for the event.