Minnesota Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA) has a web presence with some interesting links to other sites around the state and upper Midwest.   The site includes a short overview of Minnesota archaeology, some information on rock art and includes a lot of information about the regulation of archaeology in Minnesota including forms professional archaeologists use when documenting sites.  There are also downloadable copies of the annual report the OSA produces and another publication summarizing the archaeological reports received from archaeologists about work done in the state.

From Site to Story   This site was created over 10 years ago and while the firm that created it is no longer in business (The Institute for Minnesota Archaeology) a few dedicated individuals continue to make sure that the site remains viewable on the web.  Its’ creation was funded by a legislative grant.  This site provides a good background on the archaeology of the upper Mississippi River focusing on Minnesota and is written with the general public in mind.   It would be nice to have a few more sites like this. 

Minnesota State University Mankato’s anthropology department maintains a web site called The EMuseum which functions something like an on line encyclopedia.  The site is maintained by students in the department, who are responsible for creating most of the content.  The information can at times be sketchy, but the site does contain a healthy dose of material about Minnesota archaeology.  UPDATE – as of March 15, 2011 the EMuseum is no longer in service.

The Minnesota Archaeological Society maintains a web presence.  Their links tab takes you to some interesting sites.  They often highlight archaeological events and you can download their current newsletter for a more complete listing of events.  Their publication, The Minnesota Archaeologist, is a major source of information on archaeological research in Minnesota.