Minnesota Dugout Canoe Project

The crew at Maritime Heritage Minnesota recently posted their report on radio carbon dating  dugout canoes found in Minnesota.  Wooden dugout canoes were in use from prehistoric times up through the contact era.  Since most dugouts have been removed from their archaeological context or have few or no diagnostic artifacts recovered with them radio carbon dates are one way to get an idea of their age.  The dates from the 8 canoes investigated ranged from precontact through historic periods.  Check out their well illustrated, interesting, and informative report.  This link will take you to their archive page.

Society for Industrial Archeology Conference

The Society for Industrial Archeology Conference schedule is now available online.  The Conference is to take place May 30 through June 2, 2013 at the St. Paul Hotel in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.  The event includes a day of formal papers (Saturday, June 1) and a number of tours to industrial heritage sites spread over several days (Thursday, May 30, Friday May 31, and Sunday, June 2).  Online, onsite, and mail in registration is available.

Flintknapping Demonstration

Rod Johnson, President of the Minnesota Archaeological Society will be demonstrating how stone tools like arrowheads are made at the Welch Station access of the Cannon Valley Trail on Saturday September 4, 2010.  Rod will be set up at the Welch station from 11 am to 4 pm.  The trail runs from Cannon Falls to Red Wing and is an enjoyable days outing.  At a couple of locations along the trail near Red Wing there are interpretive signs explaining archaeological sites adjacent to the trail.   The Cannon Valley Trail web site also has a page about the cultural resources found in the area.