Public Archaeology @ Vadnais Lake


The Shoreview Historical Society and the North Lake Owasso Neighborhood Group are hosting an archaeology event that allows the public to participate in an archaeological survey of Lake Vadnais in Vadnais/Snail Lakes Regional Park.  The goal is to better understand the early history around Lake Vadnais.  Survey up to this point has located two new archaeological sites.  Archaeologist Dr. Jeremy Nienow will lead the archaeological shovel testing survey the weekends of August 27 – 28, September 17 – 18 and September 24 – 25, 2016.  Participants must be able to stoop, use a shovel and be outdoors for the duration of the time you sign up for.  No previous experience is necessary.   A donation of $10 per session is suggested to offset program costs.  Kids and Scouts 12 to 18 are free.  Follow this link for an informational flyer and contact information:

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