Request for Project Proposals

The Oversight Board of the Statewide Survey of Historical and Archaeological Sites through the Minnesota Historical Society has recently issued two requests for proposals for archaeological surveys in the state of Minnesota.   The requests for proposals were published in the Minnesota State Register, Monday 16, June 2014, Volume 38, Number 51.  This link should take you to the online version.

The first is investigating the Prehistoric Archaeology of the Minnesota River Trench.  The goal is to determine where prehistoric sites are located within the Trench, to determine what statewide historic contexts are present, and to suggest productive directions for future archaeological research within the Minnesota River Trench.

The second is to examine the Archaic Tradition in Central Minnesota.  The purpose is to provide a summary of what is known about the Archaic in Central Minnesota, to intensively investigate one or more known archaic sites in order to obtain datable material associated with diagnostic artifacts, and to produce a report summarizing current knowledge about the Archaic in Minnesota, findings of the project and suggestions for future research.

Proposals for both projects are due July 2, 2014.

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