Latest Legacy Project Reports

The OSA has posted reports from two of the latest legacy funded archaeology projects on to its web page.  These are Documenting Minnesota’s Nineteenth-Century Masonry Ruins by Two Pines Resource Group, LLC and Evaluating Minnesota’s Historic Dams a Framework for Management completed by Archaeo-Physics, LLC.  The objectives of the masonry ruins study were to create an inventory of nineteenth-century masonry ruins in Minnesota, to develop a framework for evaluating their NRHP eligibility, and to develop strategies for their stabilization, management and interpretation.  The historic dam study was charged similarly with creating an inventory of known historic dams, developing a contextual framework for evaluating and interpreting the historical significance of these properties and to suggest strategies for their documentation.

Both are well illustrated and informative documents and will be useful for cultural resource managers and those interested in interpreting these types of historic properties in Minnesota.

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