2011 Elden Johnson Distinguished Lecture

Tonight, (Wednesday, May 11) Dr. Scott Anfinson, State Archaeologist, will present the 2011 Elden Johnson Distinguished Lecture entitled “What Elden Didn’t Know:  Recent Advances in Minnesota Archaeology”.  Elden Johnson, an archaeologist, a professor at the University of Minnesota and a former State Archaeologist was one of the instigators of Minnesota Archaeology Week and a founder of the Council for Minnesota Archaeology, which organizes this event each year.  Anfinson was one of Elden’s students.  Dr. Anfinson will speak about the new developments in Minnesota archaeology since Elden’s tenure as an educator and State Archaeologist.  The talk will examine Elden’s contributions from his 40 years of Minnesota archaeology and the technological advancement and archaeological discoveries of the last 20 years that may have changed his perspectives and research interests.   Come and see this well illustrated and interesting lecture. 

There will be a public reception prior to the event beginning at 6:30 pm at Room 1-147 in the Carlson School of Management Building at the University of Minnesota West Bank Campus with the Lecture to follow.  This link will take you to a flyer for the event.

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