Prehistoric Pottery of Minnesota

For those of you interested in the prehistoric pottery of Minnesota there is a useful online publication compiled by Guy Gibbon at the University of Minnesota, part of the Diagnostic Artifacts in Minnesota Series.  Titled Prehistoric Pottery of Minnesota: A Guide, it provides the defining attributes, chronology, distribution maps, a description, defined types, type sites, and references for a number of wares found in Minnesota.  Most also include good clear photographs of examples.  This is an ongoing project completed by Gibbon and his students, building on Scott Anfinson’s A Handbook of Minnesota Prehistoric Ceramics  published in 1979.  As Gibbon states “Thirty years of subsequent archaeological excavation and research have added new information about the distribution and dating of some ceramic wares, and the presence in the state of still other wares. Prehistoric Pottery of Minnesota: A Guide is one approach to providing an update that accommodates the constant influx of new information into the field of archaeology.”


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  1. I love what Guy is doing. While Anfinson’s Handbook has been solid for many, many years, it is about time a revision of MN pottery typing took place. My only gentle complaint? I wish the site navigation was better. It took me a little while to figure out the best way for jumping about to the different sections.

    Notable are new pottery types such as Hannaford and Winnepig River, as well as the incorporation of types from abroad such as Lane Farm Cord-Impressed. Thanks for bringing this forth Ehme, and thank you Guy Gibbon!

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