Regional Research – Oneota Mounds

There is an article in the latest issue of the Plains Anthropologist (volume 55, number 214) which offers an explanation for the proliferation of Oneota mound construction at the Blood Run Site in northwestern Iowa.  The article by Collin M. Betts is titled Oneota Mound Construction: An Early Revitalization Movement.  Betts suggests that the renewed emphasis on mound construction by the late seventeenth century Oneota groups was an attempt by these people to mitigate their concerns of cultural survival following a period of population loss as the result of European contact.  Betts posits that the protohistoric mound construction represents an early revitalization movement similar to the later Ghost Dances.  In summarizing the longstanding tradition of mound building by the Oneota the Red Wing Locality in Minnesota is mentioned as an example of early Oneota mound construction.

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